12. September 2017


16. September 2017


12. September 2017


First of all, I could not resist to take these photos in Washington DC and had to share them with you 🙂 .

And second, I love to share this e-mail of one of our international clients.

“When I signed up for SYPC’s Boutique Fitness classes, I had like a million reasons why it wouldn’t work. I have never managed to stick with any fitness workout for more than a few weeks. I’m not one of this model-like sports woman that look good in tiny shorts. I have never taken a Pilates class in my life (really!). I have registered for outdoor workout and HIIT, city races and EMS, but I have never made it to the end. Therefore I was less than hopeful when I tried Boutique Fitness.

To be honest – I just registered because I thought it is fashionable.

Well, I was wrong. I did not only stick with the concept, I actually REALLY LOVED it. This is something totally new for me. Was it easy? No, no, no way. Was is perfect? No. BUT: I never felt the need to give up. Not even once. It was not all about burning calories and eating only salad and rice, it was a new experience – like they say: a lifestyle.

And I really took something with me – this is also why I am writing to you.

For the first time in my fitness „career“ I never felt alone. The community at your studio is just amazing. I also felt like my personal progress was really important to you. This gave me every week the energy and motivation that I needed.

And I did not have to be a supermodel and trained. You did not care, but gave me the motivation that I needed. I felt like I found something new in myself – the love for sports. Absolutely amazing for me.

And, quite simply…it WORKED. The results that I felt were just AMAZING. My abs feel flatter, my legs firmer – and yes, I am still a little bit overweight. But even my boyfriend noticed a difference and told me the other day. This was worth every drop of sweat. Just wanted to say a big thank you.”

Wir freuen uns immer riesig über Euer Feedback!