4. September 2015


6. September 2015


6. September 2015

Many of you have asked why there are so many lucky bamboos plants in the studio.

I love life and energy and that is exactly what bamboos plants mean to me. I was in a flower shop one day and I was sort of fed up with paying so much money for flowers with them dying after a short time. I turned and saw these unbelievable green whatever and I asked the saleswoman what are these? The bamboos plants that I knew from america. looked different. Well, the saleswoman said lucky bamboos plants. I made the comment that they will also die in a couple of weeks, but she responded with no, they may live 2, 3, 4 months or maybe even a couple of years.

At that very moment I knew these plants were for me. They represented for me a love for life and energy. Some of the bamboos plants in SYPC have been there since day one, sitting right at my side.

SYPC is truly my life and I feel at peace when I am there. I want to present all of you SYPC ladies with more then a place to sweat. I want to present you with a place that you really can feel safe and let all the walls you have fall. In SYPC you can truly follow your soul and just be who you are.

There are also three lessons that you can learn from the lucky bamboos.

(1) Bend, but don’t break.
Be flexible, yet firmly rooted. Bamboo plants are hard and firm, yet they are able to sway gently in the wind. A bend, but don’t break attitude is sometimes the best thing if life fights against you.

(2) What looks weak is strong.
Bamboo – same as women – are not as fragile as they may appear. Never underestimate the internal strength you have, also in difficult situations!

(3) Unleash your power to spring back.
Pretty sure you saw bamboo bent under heavy snow – when the snow is gone, bamboo snap back up tall again. Do the same – because you can!

Next time you are at the studio, smile at the lucky bamboos!

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