20. September 2015


27. September 2015


20. September 2015

„Sport for me is a lot more than just a profession. It is about my life, my emotion, my passion, my love and my motivation. And maybe also about the greatest highs and lows that you can experience in that short period of time that is called life. My journey is for a dream – so is my heart.“

So many of you seem to be intrigued as to why a man from Washington with a football and military background moves to Munich and opens a women’s studio?

Well, I have been tossing the idea of writing about my life around in my mind for quite some months now – should I write “the Roy story”, or shouldn’t I? Would it hurt me or the studio? But in the end, I have decided to let the words flow, because I feel a need to share – same as in last December when I was forced to open up (some of you still remember). Most of you know me as a 100% energy and power man. It may therefore surprise most of you to hear that in my lifetime I have endured 3 major heart operations and numerous minor heart operations. So – I have something to write about.

In our times, the world we live in is a very stressful place and it is easy to get lost at times. So maybe you can learn from my not always so easy past experiences for your own life.

Read about how to find motivation in your daily life, how to get through difficult situations, what love means to me and how you can find the love of your life, what I learnt from military, why I write poems, what women mean to me (and yes, also what my mum means to me), where I am coming from and where I am going to, why I am the worst sleeper ever, and how sports has not only shaped my body, but also my life.

Sit back with a cup of tea during rainy autumn nights and enjoy the Roy story! Coming directly from my heart. And in English – because this is my mother tongue.

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