9. April 2017


17. April 2017


17. April 2017

Hello ladies,

I have to thank you all again for the unbelievable support this first month of SYPC SCHWABING.

After the abc’s post a few weeks ago (my simple tips for changing your nutrition), so many women have told me they actually stopped drinking alcohol, eating bread, chocolate and cheese. Even though it has not been 3 months, they all say they have lost 1 to 1,5 kilos. Well, this has inspired me to share 5 more simple and easy tips from my personal training career to help you reach your fitness goals.

Starting today, I will present you one per day.

Here you go… my Simple & Easy tips for Monday

Eat wisely. eat real foods, fresh food and foods that people have been eating for thousands of years. Do not eat the modern processed or ready made meals from the supermarkets. Also, stay away from fast food restaurants. Yes, pizza is included!

Do not over eat. Yes, I know some people feel that there is something prestigious, super human or even funny showing off how much food you can eat, but stop this mentality. It is stupid, not special!

Eat mostly plants. I will not list a bunch of names here in order to avoid discussions, but everyone has to admit to knowing that chips, candy and cake are not good choices. So why not eat plants?

Do not drink sweetened drinks. Yes that strawberry, banana, coconut and apple flavored drink sitting in the front of the cool box in the supermarket is not healthy. Have you ever read the back of one of these so called healthy juices, fitness drinks or multivitamin drinks. Better start to google these names & numbers. Very dangerous ingredients inside.

* If you want some healthy meal & drink ideas, log onto our blog and read the simple & easy meal idea for Monday, 17.04.2017.

So see you around in SYPC!


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