31. August 2017


5. September 2017


2. September 2017


Finally in Washington…where it all started.

Sports was always part of my life, even when I was a really small kid. Thankfully, my mom – super sporty herself – supported me in all of my dreams.

Sports became my life. I lived it and breathed it – and it always kept me away from drugs, alcohol and street gangs (and believe me, Washington has a lot of all three). Every day, I was training and dreaming of a football career. While many kids grow out of their childhood dreams, my dedication to fitness only grew stronger and stronger.

And when it was clear that my health/heart problems will never allow a professional career, I decided to study sports – health and human performance. And I made the decision to live healthy – I mean really healthy.

During my studies I worked hard to learn everything about human anatomy and the different functions of the human body. Early during my studies, I had to take aerobics lessons. Imagine it….from US military to „a girls sport“. I felt hilarious during the first class, but then I tried again and I fell in love with it.

What I had experienced during my football career, e.g. all those precious training routines, and also during military which was all about motivation, I now used to create my own workout classes. As a very nice side effect, this routine also kept me in unbelieveable shape – I was lean and strong and in top cardio condition.

When I moved back to Germany, things developed pretty quickly for me. I soon had my first personal training clients and workout classes and I further developed my own fitness routine. My program worked as fantastically for my clients as it has worked (and still works) for me. They developed lean and strong bodies – but they also gained a new mindset. My clients started to look at their bodies differently and they chose more carefully what they ate. And this is what helped them to really get in shape.

Ladies, remember, my life dream, my SYPC, is not a quick-fix, it is a lifestyle. It is a dedication. I can only teach you to love your body and help you with a workout program that will make you smile. But the work, you have to do. SYPC will give you the tools, but you have to use them.

Sending you a lot of sunshine from the most beautiful city in the world!