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6. August 2017


5. August 2017


I am very well aware of the quote „HOME IS NOT A PLACE – IT IS A FEELING“.

And normally I am not talking much about my private life. But I think after so many years being with the SYPC ladies, I will share a little insight into what is currently happening in the Roy world.

My home now (Munich!) is definitely a feeling, but my home town is the most beautiful city in the world – Washington DC. This is really the truth! I have moved out of the house when I was only 18 years old – directly to military.

I never wanted to go into the military, but I wanted to be independent and challenged. Strangely enough I made the decision to go into the military 5 minutes before I was to leave for college. I received a 4 year college scholarship, but for some reason I felt that I would not get the independence, nor the challenge I wanted, not even through college football. After 6 years in the military, I entered college and lived my dream of playing college football. It was an unbelievable experience that was worth waiting for! My health problems however, ruled out any chances of a professional career. After graduating from college, I returned home to Washington, D.C. for 6 months.

During the last twenty years, I have been home in Washington only four times. But as you might know, there is no other closeness in human life like the closeness between a mother and her child – and this closeness has never been broken by an ocean between two continents.

Just wanted to let you know ladies, that after so many years, I will finally see my mom again. It is not always easy to arrange a 365 days job in the fitness industry with travel plans, but in four weeks, I will manage to see my US family for three precious days. And I am looking so forward to it.

The reason why I am travelling to the US (Hamptons / New York) is a totally different (and very exciting!) one, but more about this in the next post.

Ah, and I do not want to forget to mention: when I am not there, a very special SYPC classplan with a lot of surprises will wait for you, ladies!