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Don‘t know if this is the perfect topic for a cosy February Saturday evening, but FATLOSS seems to be one of the most important topics in a woman‘s life. Wie oft höre ich „ich möchte den unteren Teil von meinem Bauch flacher / wegtrainieren, das Fettpölsterchen an meiner Hüfte, die ungeliebten hervorquellenden Ringe bei einer zu engen Jeans.“ Und die Frage gleich danach: welche Übung ist die beste hierfür? Well, ladies, there is unfortunately not one exercise for success. Let me focus on food today.

When I think back a few years, I often had issues with digestion, skin issues, my energy level was not its best. I was also astonished in looking at my (in particular personal training) female clients: all this low-fat, low-carb, shakes, low-calories, new diet, new programs, and whatever discussions. Isn’t food there to enjoy it?

Well, at one point in my life I just stopped eating unhealthy. And it was a hard and a full stop. I started to cook from scratch as often as I could – and I still do it. Only clean food, no processed foods. Fruits and vegetables, healthy carbs and fats. I reduced meat and then completely stopped it.

And astonishing things happened: everlasting energy, no longer any digestion issues, clear skin, somehow more calm inside, feeling really good. And yes, also decreased body fat level (but that for me was just a side effect).

Ladies, remember that food and eating is not only about looking your best. And your life goal should not be fat loss. It is about doing something for your entire body, for your health – and for your soul.

Get back to basics, eat whole foods, eat clean. Eat products that do not have an endless list of (artificial) ingredients, but they are the ingredient. Love your body and love the process of changing your body.

Enjoy your Saturday.