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when your happiness is lost
no treasure has value anymore
for when your heart no longer
sends sparkles through your eyes
this world is no longer for you

r.m. dowery

There’s just so much that I would love to share in this space. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to write. As a young child & into my early twenties, I stayed up late writing pages and pages of poems and short stories – for me, it has always been so much pleasure and relief to write for hours. I could feel peace settling over my mind like a soft blanket.

i grew up in Washington D.C. Through my vast travels i now know it is the worlds most beautiful & powerful city. However, it is also one of the most racially divided cities.To make a long story short, i found refuge from everything through sports. In sports there is no beauty and power is not always a good thing, but passion is everything.

After completing my university studies, being in military and then in the fitness industry, I didn’t write much until I started with SYPC. As the founding of SYPC was an unknown and unsecure world, I resumed writing, a few short lines in the beginning, but soon it became a daily outlet for me.

As many of you know, I sometimes share my personal thoughts about the world and people in general, about my interests and struggles, on the blog and on Facebook, but my inner life I keep strictly private.

My aim for SYPC and also for writing will always be the same – for inspiring, for motivating, for making myself a better person than I was yesterday. All the late nights working, all the efforts are worth it, when I hear from a lady in the studio that SYPC has changed her life. Or even the small things: to hear that someone has cooked a soup from the SYPC cookbook for the family or my Pilates class eased some back pain.

I am beyond graceful for SYPC as a special place for all of you ladies, same as I am beyond graceful for my ability to write. Writing is my home, my safe place, my platform for realizing dreams.

I wish for you that SYPC will be your home, your place, your platform for realizing dreams in 2019. So many of you may have come the first time just out of curiosity or word of mouth, but have stayed with a heart full of motivation. Sharing together with me the energy that only a boutique fitness workout can add to your life. And in the end, it will not be just fitness, but a lifestyle.

See you in 2019.